Feel the burn! Taco Bell president Brian Niccol majorly dissed Justin Bieber aka the Pride of Canada in a Reddit AMA chat about the brand new launch of the fast food joint's breakfast menu.

Wait, so WTF does The Biebs have to do with the fact that Taco Bell is now offering morning eats? Well, it was a joke and a very funny one at that.

When a Redditor asked Niccol if the company would be expanding its breakfast menu into Canadian franchises, he jokingly replied, "When you take Justin Bieber back."

Oh yeah, he went there!

We're pretty much expecting two things to happen based on Niccol's statement. First, we can imagine a nationwide Belieber ban of Taco Bell in light of his words. We can also pretty much imagine the haters making it a point to stop by their local Taco Bell location to order some breakfast items after Niccol's comment.

It was a funny joke on the surface, but anyone else remember the petition to deport Bieber that was circulated?

We think Da Biebs should cruise over to the Bell, get himself some of the new breakfast treats to show he is a good sport with a sense of humor and post photos of himself inhaling some of the new offerings on Twitter or Instagram. Kill 'em with kindness, Biebs!

See Niccol's funny post below.

Bieber Taco Bell Diss