Add this 'Blank Space/Style' mashup to the list of things with which Taylor Swift is "obsessed." (It can sit somewhere between cats and baking cupcakes with her BFFs.) The cover video, performed by singer Louisa Wendorff and her friend Devin, is a fresh take on the '1989' tracks.

So what makes this cover so different? First of all, the songs favor an acoustic, stripped-down vibe in favor Taylor's '80s-influenced sound. Second, the duo's soulful voices bring an entirely different emotion to the track than T. Swift's upbeat vocals. The best part? Both Taylor's original versions and this cover are absolutely amazing!

The 'Out of the Woods' singer even gave it her stamp of approval, sharing the video on her Facebook page and confirming that she's "OBSESSED." Us too, Taylor. Us too.

Watch Louisa and Devin's incredible 'Blank Space/Style' mashup cover in the video above! (Warning: There's a very good chance you'll become obsessed with it too!)

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