Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris may never come out with an official press release confirming their relationship status, but Swift's most recent Instagram post pretty much does it for them.

She and Harris are super cozy in a giant inflatable swan floating along what we assume is a private pool. Swift's caption is "Swan goals," which doesn't really mean anything but whatever. That's it, but it's enough. Caylor is a go, you guys. Or is it Talvin?

If you need even more evidence that the two music powerhouses are an official couple, look no further than every time they've occupied the same space together over the past few months. They were seen holding hands at, like, a million different concerts earlier this year, there was all that PDA at the Billboard Music Awards, then Swift's brother posted a photo of the two touching noses super intimately at a Billboard Music Awards after party. And now there's the whole swan photo, with Taylor playing big spoon.

We have Ellie Goulding to thank for all of this, by the way. After realizing that both Swift and Harris are so tall they breathe different air from the rest of us, she knew they were a perfect match and decided to set them up. We should all be so lucky to have a friend so attuned to our physical characteristics.

Hopefully this means there's some kind of epic musical collaboration in the works -- unless things end badly and Harris tries to stop Swift from performing their songs in public.

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