Be still, our Haylor-shipping hearts. To quote Taylor Swift, "Drop everything now" -- because she and Harry Styles were totally spotted together in L.A. and there is video footage to prove it.

But before you break out the brown paper bag (to help with your breathing, duh), this was not Taylor-and-Harry-strolling-together-in-Central-Park happy times. Instead, this was that awkward moment that can only happen when you're out with your girls and run into your ex when you're most likely trying to avoid him. Yikes!

According to TMZ, T. Swift and H. Styles both happened to be in the lobby of the Sunset Marquis in L.A. last night (Jan. 14), and though they were together -- as in, occupying the same space -- they were very clearly not "together" together. In fact, the two don't seem to interact at all, with Taylor on her phone and not really making any eye contact with Harry, who is on the outskirts of her group as he greets someone else who comes into the lobby.

Of course, for all we know, the former couple were well aware that all eyes (and cameras) were on them and purposely wanted to avoid any and all interaction. ('I Know Places,' anyone?) Still, it's always awkward to see an ex -- particularly when this was actually the second time in one week for Taylor, who reportedly ran into Jake Gyllenhaall at a Golden Globes after-party on Sunday. We feel your pain, girl!

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