If this video of a baby-faced Taylor Swift singing the National Anthem doesn't send you into a fit of patriotic red, white and blue, nothing will. This video of the twelve-year-old Taylor made its way onto the Internet a few years ago, but recently began circulating again -- just on the heels of Veteran's Day. In it, Taylor can be seen wearing a bedazzled American flag shirt, complete with matching red accessories. She's absolutely adorable -- not to mention totally talented -- even at the young age of twelve! Check out the video above, and prepare yourself to be impressed.

According to the Huffington Post, she sang the anthem before a Detroit Pistons and Philadelphia 76ers game while she was still living in Philadelphia. Seriously, she's too cute.

And that's not all, Swifties! Another video of a young Taylor is going around the web, this time of the 'Blank Space' singer receiving an early birthday present from her parents. Check that one out below!

Our favorite part of this video? The very beginning, when an unsuspecting Taylor walks into her living room to see her parents' surprise.. all while holding a cat:

Taylor Swift

Because some things never change.

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