It's official! Billboard is reporting that Taylor Swift has done the impossible and sold a baffling 1.287 million copies of '1989' -- in its first week alone.

This is a huge deal. For those of you who remember a time before piracy (or at least remember a time when piracy simply meant recording a song off the radio onto cassette), you undoubtedly recall that selling over a million albums in one week was rare, but it certainly wasn't unheard of. NSYNC set the current record -- one that will (if we're being honest) never be surpassed -- of 2.4 million first week sales. And that was way back in the year 2000 -- practically the Stone Age.

Nowadays, selling a million albums in one week is akin to winning the lottery or landing a seven-figure salary job your first year out of college. You know it can happen, and there's proof that it does, but until you see it for yourself it feels like pure myth. So when '1989' was projected to sell over one million albums its first week, it felt like the year 2000 all over again.

Truthfully, this isn't the first time an album of Taylor's has sold extraordinarily well. Her last album, the ineffable 'Red,' also debuted with over a million sales in its first week. It brought up the question: "Can she do it again?" We certainly have our answer.

'1989' marks the largest first album sales week since Eminem's 'The Eminem Show' which was released in 2002. Taylor is also the first artist to have garnered three million-selling weeks in history with '1989,' 'Red' and 'Speak Now.' She is also the only woman in music to have two million-selling weeks.

Want to know what other records she broke? Why not. '1989' is currently the biggest selling album released in all of 2014 -- remember, this album has only been out for a week. It's also the second largest selling album of 2014, second only to the 'Frozen' soundtrack. Since SoundScan started tracking weekly album sales in 1991, there have only been a total of 19 albums to sell over a million copies within their debut weeks. Three of Taylor's albums fall on that list, all since the year 2010.

So, Taylor -- congratulations on your wild success! Here's to another million records sold and another million records broken!

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