There's no better time to bring on the good vibes than Thanksgiving -- and that's exactly what Taylor Swift did with her performance of 'Shake It Off'!

The '1989' singer sang her single for a very, very lucky group of fans in the famed Ed Sullivan Theater. The performance aired during CBS' coverage of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on Nov. 27. Despite Taylor's dance-heavy music video and sparkly VMAs performance, we couldn't help but think this is her most energetic rendition of the song yet! (Of course, we could have just been completely dazzled by Taylor's striped metallic crop top and skirt.)

The fans in the audience were just as excited to see the show as we were. And for good reason -- Taylor looked and sounded absolutely amazing! We especially loved her saucy hair flip at the end of the performance.

As long as we're counting our blessings, we going to throw it out there that we're very thankful Taylor released '1989' this year!

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