If you were hoping to see a Joni Mitchell biopic starring self-admitted Joni Mitchell fan Taylor Swift, keep dreaming. Although rumors have been flying about the book ‘Girls Like Us’ by Sheila Weller being turned into a movie, Joni Mitchell herself shot them down.

The book is a biography about three huge female voices in music: Carole King, Carly Simon and, of course, Joni Mitchell and was reportedly being turned into a biopic with Taylor Swift playing the part of Joni.

But Joni crushed the rumors (and our hearts) when she told The Sunday Times (via NME): "I squelched that! I said to the producer, 'All you've got is a girl with high cheekbones.' It's just a lot of gossip, you don't have the great scenes."

She went on to say: "There's a lot of nonsense about me in books. Assumptions, assumptions, assum­p­tions.”

So, there you have it. No word as of yet from Taylor (whose song ‘The Lucky One’ is widely rumored to be about Joni) or her cheekbones.

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