If you've ever doubted Taylor Swift's shrewd skills as a business woman, doubt them no longer. According to Vox, the 'Blank Space' singer has taken to apply for a trademark of some phrases taken from songs off her massively successful album, '1989.'

Phrases she wants to trademark include 'Party Like It's 1989,' 'This Sick Beat,' 'Cause We Never Go Out of Style,' 'Could Show You Incredible Things,' and 'Nice to Meet You. Where You Been?' The move would make it impossible for anyone not affiliated with Taylor to make a profit off any merchandise that bears those phrases. Considering most artists tend to make the majority of their money from the sale of merchandise it's a move that makes sense -- any knock offs would be illegal. So if you were hoping to get a five dollar t-shirt from some guy outside a stadium come this summer, you're out of luck.

So far, we haven't heard anything about Taylor wanting to trademark 'James Dean daydream,' which we're kind of relieved about because it's our favorite description of anything ever, so we hope it remains public domain until our hands turn to withered husks of skin and we can no longer Tweet it out about that boy we're obsessed with. Not that we do that often or at all or anything.

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