Well, at least they're honest!

Speaking to Billboard for their cover story, EDM duo The Chainsmokers—Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall—admitted that they were unhappy with how their somewhat ill-received performance at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards went in August. In fact, according to Taggert, the performance sounded "like s---."

The electronic act, who performed their Billboard Hot 100 hit "Closer" at the event alongside alt-pop star Halsey, who is featured on the track, revealed that they were very dissatisfied with how they sounded live, blaming poor production for the sound.

"It sounded like s---," Taggart told the magazine. "We were told my voice was going to be mixed well, but there was no reverb and it was way louder than the track for the broadcast."

The producer-vocalist added that he felt like he was "set up to fail" at the VMAs.

"Nearly every other person lip-synced it, and we knew because we had them in our ears. So now I know why you lip-sync," he stated.

Taggart also pointed out that the performance was only the second time he has sung live (um, maybe practice a bit before singing on national television???). And while fans and friends were overall congratulatory, he told Billboard that one very important listener wasn't willing to sugarcoat it.

"It’s funny. Everyone said congratulations, and my mom was like, 'Keep up with your singing lessons!'"

Watch the performance, below:

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