Rapper The Game has a new album out, did you know? The Documentary 2 and its component album The Documentary 2.5 were released on October 9 and October 16, respectively, each garnering generally favorable reviews from music critics. (Check out the aggregated reviews over on Metacritic.) But none of that matters, because The Game also posted a largely NSFW photo to his Instagram last week, showing off his penis as obviously as one can while still remaining mostly clothed. Celebrities!

Along with a host of sexually explicit and borderline pornographic hashtags, The Game wrote, "Let's just assume, I thought today was Friday o r#ThrowDatAZZbackThursday #WhoCaresWhatDayItis I say it's#FineN—aFriday because I know you gone be double tappin this mothaf—cka til tomorrow anyway,” along with a mirror selfie. Arguably the best part of this photo is that it gives you a sense of how The Game chooses to decorate his bathroom. His towels have tassels on them, and his robe hangs plainly off the back of the door. Celebrities really are just like us.

The Internet responded accordingly to The Game’s obvious ploy for publicity, with users waffling between amusement, praise and (in some cases) disapproval. We decided to compile some of them below, so you don't have to!

Perhaps our favorite response, however, is the following:

How do you feel about The Game's racy Instagram photo? Do you have an opinion about it either way? Did you listen to his new albums? We want to know!

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