The Girl and the Dreamcatcher — you might know 'em individually as Liv and Maddie's Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan — supplied us with a pretty convincing reason to stick around with their synth-driven new single, "Make You Stay," which has already racked up an impressive 3 million (and counting!) views since the music video's release in mid-June.

Today (July 6), they're showing us exactly what it takes to make a video, TGATDC style, in a new behind-the-scenes clip, debuting exclusively on PopCrush.

"It's a lot different from anything we've ever done, but also anything that we've really seen. We're doing this sort of split-screen element, which adds kind of a brand new feel to what we usually do," Ryan explained on the set of their new video.

"We definitely wanted to do something that would stand out a little bit [and] that represented our personalities," Dove added. While the video itself might be dramatic, the two still managed to pull plenty of silly faces and goof around while filming, as evidenced in this BTS clip — and yes, someone forgot to bring their shoes.

Another fun fact? The producers and directors on the set of the video are actually friends with Dove and Ryan, making the creative process all the more organic.

"It literally starts with us sitting on one of our couches, and being like 'Alright, what do we want to do this time?' I don't know if people know this. That's not how it usually works," Dove revealed.

"Make You Stay" will be included on the duo's Negatives EP, out on July 29. And, along with the behind-the-scenes-clip above, we're bringing you the artwork for the EP below.

Hey, look...we made you stay, after all.

The Girl And The Dreamcatcher Negatives EP
Photo Credit: Paul Smith

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