Sexuality is an incredibly important concept on 'Glee' proper, so it was no shock that it was the theme of this week's (June 26) episode of 'The Glee Project.' It was no doubt a challenging theme for the 11 remaining hopefuls -- namely transgendered Tyler, who was sent home -- since some of them have little to no experience with their sexuality, while others think that turning it on full tilt is the way to go.

Tyler was not called back because while everyone on and behind the show supports his courageous decision, he doesn't match up with the talent level of the other contestants at this point.

Homework Assignment: The contestants showed their smoldering sexuality with a rendition of Color Me Badd's butter-smooth '90s jam 'I Wanna Sex You Up.' It was wonderfully and dreamily harmonized. They did well. The ep started off on a strong foot.

Mentor: Naya Rivera, who plays Santana Lopez, easily the sexiest character on 'Glee,' was the mentor. She is confident, sexy and confidently sexual on the show. She doled out a critical piece of advice to the contestants, telling them that "less is more" when playing sexy, and that confidence is an absolute must. She selected the usually goofy (and totally smitten with Aylin) Charlie as the winner of the homework assignment, since he was beatboxing, something that she finds sexy. Hey, you like what you like. During her one-on-one mentoring sesh with Charlie, she told him to act like a lion, but not to overdo it. Essentially, she was suggesting he strike a delicate balance. Rawr!

Music Video: This was a clever mash up of 'Moves Like Jagger' by Maroon 5 with 'Milkshake' by Kelis. The video then centered on a high school sex ed class which evolved into a boys vs. girls "Sexy Off." No, we're not making this up. It was about balancing overt sexuality and no sexuality. And a "Sexy Off."

Last Chance: Charlie sang 'I Get a Kick Out of You,' made famous by Frank Sinatra. He didn't know the song, but he lounged it up and the producers were very entertained. He apologized for his childlike enthusiasm and general unprofessional and bossy behavior throughout the challenges, which included blowing kisses to Aylin while in the booth and trying to tell the director what to do. The producers dismissed it as unprofessional. He is head over heels for Aylin, and even said he was thinking of her while her last chanced it up. That intrigued Ryan Murphy.

Tyler sang Charlie Chaplin's 'Smile' and it showed off his very pretty voice. Murphy felt that he roots for Tyler more because of his personal life choice and his courage than his talent. Murphy did point out that the rest of the cast is more exuberant and better at performing than he is at this point. As a transgendered boy, this theme is especially tough for Tyler as he is just learning his new body. His challenge is not to disappear in the group, and that's what he was doing.

Michael sang Jason Mraz's 'Lucky' and he owned it like he bought it for a minute. That is, until he forgot the lyrics and resorted to making them up. Put simply, he choked while performing, and most of the competition is about not choking. Still, the judges are all on "Team Michael." This was not his best week in the vocal booth. He overthought it, and hence, why he had to perform for the Murph.

Here is how the rest of the cast fared this week:

Abraham: He came alive during the filming, owning his masculinity.
Ali: She was a bit low-key for this ep. We want to see more of her.
Mario: He grimaces at every turn, especially during results moments, but he's adorbs.
Shanna: The producers said they need to see shades of her, not just the glowy side, since it's too one-note.
Aylin: She is a Muslim, so sexuality can be taboo in her culture. Charlie is crushing hard on her, too.
Nellie: She is a virgin, who was nervous at first, but during the vid, she became the sexiest girl in the room.
Blake: He smolders when he breathes or blinks. He's got it. We predict he wins.
Lily Mae: She was uber sexy during the shoot.