After complimenting the crazy beautiful Zendaya, via Twitter, rumors have been flying about a possible flirtation arising between her and the Vamps' James McVey. He told Zendaya just how great she looks in the latest issue of Teen Vogue, to which Zendaya thanked him. You can check out James' tweet below!

We were a little confused at first, because we heard James was dating model Kirstie Brittain. But according to J-14, the couple broke up in November of 2014, due to alleged infidelity on Kirstie's case. James has never been forthright about his relationship, choosing to remain low-key about it instead. So when he tweeted a number of cryptic statements, it seemed safe to say that he was experiencing some kind of heartache and betrayal. You can check out those tweets below:

Poor guy! But then J-14 then went on to report further that the two may have reconciled, as Kirstie recently posted a photo to Instagram suggesting she and James were out for a stroll, walking hand-in-hand. Despite the fact that you can't actually see the couple's faces because it's shot from behind, it definitely looks like Kirstie and James! Of course, there's no confirmation either way, so we're taking it all with a grain of salt.

So we're not sure what's going on, exactly, and to be totally fair, James could very well just be delivering a compliment to a friend. And let's be real -- Zendaya does look totally killer in the latest issue of Teen Vogue, so we definitely don't blame James for noticing.

What do you guys think? Was that comment a harmless compliment, or could there be something more going on? Let us know how you feel!

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