Wanting more of the Wanted in your life? Well, you are about to get it, as the U.K. boy band will have their own show on E!, which will begin airing in June. What's that sound? Millions of the Wanted fans, screaming their heads off with joy.

The boys posted the good news on Facebook, revealing that the U.S. fans and audiences will be able to enjoy the series first, as it will air in other parts of the world at a later time.

Below is the full text of their post.

We're really excited to tell you..it’s just been announced that we’ve gone and got our very own show on E!. There have been some rumours flying around and now we can confirm this is in fact true and from June in the US, you will be able to see us on your telly boxes, with the show airing round the rest of the world later in the year…we’ve also confirmed we’ll be doing a UK and US tour later this year and don’t worry we also plan to try and get out to as many other countries as we can to see you all. CANNOT WAIT - 2013 is gonna be awesome, whose along for the ride??

Um, we are!

So there is a lot of the Wanted to go around, with the show and the upcoming tour of the U.S. and the U.K.

Imagine how cute they will look on the small screen, as cameras follow their exploits. There is no way that this show won't be a blast. It will be one that demands you tune in each and every week.

Firm details about the times and dates of broadcast have not been revealed, but who cares! We can sort that all out later. Let's just celebrate that The Wanted are coming to E!

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