The Wanted are working on a new full-length album for their U.S. fans, and now the U.K. boy band has revealed that they're collaborating with LMFAO on the project.

According to MTV, the five-piece has been working with Redfoo and SkyBlu, but whether their songs will land on the final track list remains to be seen. Nathan Sykes said of the duo, "Real, real, cool guys, and their production on tracks is just insane. They've just been off to Brazil and they came back with all these new fresh sounds; it was cool working with them. I'm not sure if the sounds are a bit too wild to go on this album, but it was a great experience."

Fans of the Wanted may have to wait a while for the full-length to come out, though. "We've been working on it for, like, the last six months, but it's still not ready yet," Max George explained. "We're still working away on that and we've got plenty more traveling to do yet, so I'm not actually sure when the album is going to be ready."

Those who were hoping to get their hands on the new LP this fall may be disappointed, but this cloud may have a silver lining. Tom Parker adds, "Everyone's talking about like November-ish, but then we were like, 'If the album's not ready for November, then we're going to do it in, like, the first quarter of the New Year. And I think the first single off the new album will come before the New Year."

It looks like it will be a merry Christmas, indeed.

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