Christina Aguilera got a blast from the past during the blind auditions on the Season 2 premiere of 'The Voice.' It came in the form of Tony Lucca. He was on the 'Mickey Mouse Club,' having performed with Aguilera and Britney Spears at the time. He didn't seek out pop stardom after the fact. Instead, he grabbed his guitar, got in his truck and hit the road, honing his craft.

Lucca, 35, performed 'Trouble' while strumming his acoustic guitar and got every judge to turn their chair around for him. Cee Lo actually had Adam Levine egg him on to push the button. One could say that Levine really knows how to push people's buttons. Nevertheless, Lucca's voice had an alternately deep and silky tone, but he could also take it to a higher register without cracking, so his pitch control was exceptional, taut and terrific.

It takes a special singer to get all four coaches to turn those big red space chairs around for him, and Lucca is one of those types. Levine tried to emotionally blackmail Lucca into picking him, since he had no team members at this point -- and he pushed Cee Lo's button for him! So he pushed the button for Lucca twice. That's gotta count for something, right?

Lucca went with Levine. Blackmail works on 'The Voice.'

We already predict Lucca will be a top contender since he is an artist as much as a singer.

Aguilera went to say "hello" after his blind audition and revealed that Britney Spears had a crush on him back in the Mouse Club days. Small world, huh?

Watch Tony Lucca Perform 'Trouble' on 'The Voice'