When Travis Kelce eventually retires from the NFL, don't expect him to leave the public eye.

No NFL player has been in the limelight this NFL season more than Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs tight-end-turned-Taylor-Swift-boyfriend. And according to a new report from People, the 34-year-old wants to "lean into acting and hosting" once his playing days are over.

The small screen would not be anything new to Kelce, who hosted Saturday Night Live last March. He received good reviews from critics for a job well done and scored a huge 15.8 rating in the Kansas City viewing area.

But before anyone starts to dream of a Travis Kelce/Taylor Swift rom-com, it should be noted that Kelce has not confirmed any of these rumors — the source is just that, a "source."

Making the jump from NFL football fields to acting is nothing new. Before he was Apollo Creed in the Rocky franchise, Carl Weathers played defensive line and linebacker for the Oakland Raiders. Alex Karras was a four-time pro bowl defensive tackle for the Detroit Lions before he was the lovable father of Emmanuel Lewis in Webster. The list goes on and on, with names like Terry Crews (Rams), Bubba Smith (Colts), Jim Brown (Browns) and, well, you know OJ Simpson (Bills).

Kelce did receive some pushback from fans last year when he took the gig of spokesman for Pfizer, most notably in a commercial that anyone who has watched football on a Sunday has seen probably four-thousand or so times. According to reports, the football star was paid 20 million dollars for his role in that ad campaign, which almost doubles his reported Chiefs salary of 12.25 million.

Chiefs fans not worry — Kelce has not said that he is stepping away from the game anytime soon, or that his focus is anywhere other than the NFL Playoffs. The Chiefs travel to Buffalo on Sunday (Jan. 21) for a chance to move on to the AFC Championship.

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