Vanessa Minnillo (now Lachey) is already glowing! The TV star shared the first photo of her recently announced baby bump and she’s looking expectedly adorable.

Her husband Nick Lachey just announced their new family addition last week, revealing that their son 2-year-old Camden would soon have a baby sister. Looking at Vanessa’s Instagram account, it seems obvious in hindsight that she was carefully avoiding any photos that would give away her secret. Her pics, if she’s in them at all, are positioned to only show her above her chest.

Now that word is out, the 33-year-old is rocking her growing bump proudly! She posted another photo to Insta of herself in an oversized harem jumpsuit with the caption, “STOP! HAMMER TIME!!! @jennblee made me buy this outfit and I have to say, I’m pretty comfortable!”

The soft, baggy outfit definitely looks comfortable, and that’s key when pregnant! Add her tousled hair and fresh face and she’s looking mega cozy. Vanessa is one gorgeous mom-to-be, once again!