Victoria Justice has been clearing up rumors left and right lately, while on her promotional tour for her new MTV show 'Eye Candy.' She's been incredibly candid and frank with interviewers when asked to talk about the ending of her previous show, 'Victorious,' as well as giving an honest response to the question of whether she and Ariana Grande do have a longstanding feud or not.

One thing we haven't gotten an answer to yet, is whether she would ever be willing to perform again with Ariana. When asked whether a duet with her could ever feasibly happen, or if one were possibly in the works, Victoria answered honestly, saying that nothing is necessarily out of the realm of possibility. She said, "Would I ever do a duet? Um, I mean, I don't know, who knows! Maybe one day!" So there you have it! Everything is kind of up in the air at this point, but if you've ever wanted to see a duet between Victoria and Ariana, you might as well keep some hope alive. Now all we need is for someone to ask Ariana the same question and see what happens!

Check out the interview above to get all of Victoria's answers!

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