A viral TikTok is highlighting the truly unhinged and "unsettling" ways that moms check in with their kids via text message, which often has hilarious results.

"I wonder how my son's doing. I'll send him a text message. I wanna send him a message that lets him know I'm thinking about him but I also love him and I want him to know that I'm doing okay even though he's living on his own," the creator jokes in the video as he imitates his mother.

The first text reads: "I love you..."

Next the mom character wants to convey that she hopes her son "stays safe."

"Bad things happen to good people..." the second text reads as the son appears aghast.

The "mom" ends the conversation with a "Goodbye..." that alarms the son further.

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When the son calls the mother to find out what's wrong with her, she's simply making spaghetti and is completely oblivious to the stress she caused.

Watch the TikTok, below:

Many people related to the hilarious video in the comments section with similar real-life mom stories of their own.

"I asked my mom what she was doing the other day and she said 'don’t worry about it.. we’ll talk about it later' ... she was just picking up crates," one person commented.

"I was over 1,000 miles away once and my mom text me 'help.' I panicked and called, she didn’t answer. Turns out she thought she said 'hello' and went about her day," another viewer shared.

"My mom texted me 'fly high' before my flight once," another person wrote in the comments.

"My mom once texted me 'don’t come home after school. i love you' ... she was just mopping the floors," someone else shared.

And in one extra unsettling instance, someone recalled, "My mom was worried about the NYC subways when I live[d] there. She cut out a news article about a murder and mailed it it me with no name on it."

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