The videos from Justin Bieber's deposition last week, related to a case where his bodyguards attacked a member of the paparazzi in Miami in 2013, were obtained by TMZ. The videos have been edited to present a side of the singer that appears unsavory.

It was reported that the singer went berserk when his ex Selena Gomez was brought up during the proceedings, and the videos indicate that he was VERY unhappy about her name being dragged through the mud. However, these videos show the singer to be increasingly irritated and uncooperative, as well as short, snippy and evasive with his answers and clearly not interested in being there.

To be fair, it's important to remember that the videos are not chronological and that they were heavily edited by TMZ, since there was more than four hours of footage.

Also, the lawyer does ask questions that don't seem to have anything to do with the case, further stoking the singer's ire. It could be that we are only seeing the parts of the video that show The Biebs in an agitated state.

In the first vid, posted above, Biebs is rocking back and forth in the chair. He isn't frank or forthright with the other side's lawyer. When asked if he has been to Australia, he deflects. When asked if he knows Scooter Braun knew about bodyguard violence issues, he gets angry and claims to not understand the question.

When asked if he has disciplined a bodyguard, he asks, "Is he my son?"

In the second video, posted below, Gomez's name comes up and the pot boils over. Bieber's lawyer questions the relevance of the Gomez questions, but the singer is asked if he ever discussed his feelings about the paparazzi with Gomez and he repeats, "Don't ask me about her again" multiple times. The proceedings are temporarily halted.

In the third video, he calls the lawyer "Katie Couric," comparing the interview to a media grilling. He pretends to fall asleep, closing his eyes and appearing bored.

In the fourth video, The Biebs said "no" when asked if he knows Raymond Usher IV and then when asked about Usher, he says that name sounds familiar. Anyone familiar with Bieber lore knows Usher is his mentor who discovered him.

Biebs' lawyers ask what such questioning has to do with the litigation, and accuse the lawyer of harassing their client. Bieber says he was found on YouTube and that "I was detrimental" to my own career. He meant "instrumental," and his lawyers correct him, although his first verbal gaffe may have been prophetic.

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