There are just four days to go until One Direction unveil their video for 'You and I.' Of course the boys are doing their best to tease Directioners and get them excited for the premiere of the romantic clip.

Go ahead, Directioners, let out that primal scream. Now that you got some of that excitement out of your system, check out these sexy video teasers for the video, which is coming down the pike soon, but not soon enough.

Consider us totally excited about this latest video, based on what Zayn Malik says about it.

"It's a romantic song for all those candlelit dinners," says dark and handsome Zayn, while on a boardwalk, with the wind in his hair and cozy sweater on his torso. Swoon!

Liam Payne's teaser is below. His is less romantic and more business-like, but just as handsome. LP offers details on the bundle and how Directioners will get personal messages and they can hear his remix. You can't blame him for promoting the band's offerings. That is part of the gig.

Niall Horan, also with messy hair and wearing a coat and a sweater, says that 1D are doing something different with this video, so we have to tune in. Um, Niall, dear, this video could be an exact replica of every 1D video ever and we'd still tune in. Loving that messy hair and thumbs up!