Do you remember the last time you traveled through an airport going through security, dealing with long lines, or waiting and roaming during layovers? Sometimes it's smooth and sometimes it's chaotic however there's always a bit of stress involved.

Whether you end up with an unexpected gate change, lost luggage, or passengers and travelers who aren't fun to be around or simply jerks, airports are a thing so anything we can do to limit anxiety is a plus.

I'd say any traveling for that matter is a thing so maybe this tip will help.

Have you ever thought about wearing red? From casual, comfy travel clothes to business attire, including red in your wardrobe choice is key according to the website Airplane Tips. 

Studies have always shown red as a power color with people perceived as more attractive or confident. That often translates to preferential treatment according to the NY Post with something dubbed the Red Dress Effect regarding the attractiveness men see when women wear red, although it works for any red clothing on anyone.

Young woman in international airport with luggage
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In this case, when traveling through airports and on airplanes it's a stimulating color that can give you an edge when going through security lines or catching the attention of flight attendants albeit subliminally. Maybe even extra perks like extra food or upgrades.

Red warrants attention and naturally as humans, we respond to it even by inadvertently glancing over when we see the color.

Airline staff, according to Airplane Tips are more likely to treat passengers dressed in red with extra care and attention subconsciously perceiving passengers in red as more important or of higher status.

From a splash of red to an entire outfit, try wearing red and see what science-based positive things may happen as long as you're not a jerk while traveling.

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