A woman on Reddit got revenge on her cheating boyfriend by hooking up with an ex in front of him via video call.

"Me and my boyfriend were together for three years but recently I found out that for the past whole year he had been cheating on me with a mutual acquaintance. That other girl didn't know that my boyfriend was still committed to me and she was under the impression that we had broken up already," she wrote.

Once the other girl found out they were still together, she reached out to the woman.

"I was heartbroken initially and felt like a fool. It had been over a year since this had been going on, and so I decided to take revenge. After a week of mourning and ignoring my pathetic boyfriend, I decided to dump him in a drastic fashion," she continued.

The woman reached out to an ex who just so happened to be in town.

"I called him over to hook up. And while we were at it, I video called my boyfriend to break the news. He was flabbergasted but I definitely cherished the look on his face," the woman concluded her post.

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Readers shared their mixed reactions in the comments section.

"Should have f---ed the new girl instead," one person joked.

"It's only fair," another user wrote.

"Never video yourself having s-x. What were you thinking? He could have figured out a way to copy it and send it to everyone you know, then it's out there forever," someone else advised.

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