Meeting in person for a "first date" can be tricky. On Reddit, women shared some of their biggest "first date flubs" and most infuriating questions they have ever been asked while meeting someone in person for the first time.

One woman on Reddit shared that her date tried to get to know her by asking: "How long have you been Asian?"

Another shared that a marriage proposal came too soon when her date asked her: "Will you marry me so I can get a visa to stay?"

Yet another woman shared that after she revealed she had a degree in biology, her date responded, "Wow! So, like, what was your major?"

One of Reddit's favorites, though, was one man who asked his date if he could "borrow a strand of your hair so I can floss my teeth?"

First date nerves aside, there was certainly no coming back from these. However, Reddit was left gobsmacked after one woman revealed how her date went about asking her about family planning.

"Had a guy ask me if I was really attached to my children," the woman shared with Reddit.

Readers were outraged in the comments section.

"He obviously saw you had kids on your dating profile, so he should've just moved on. But no, he expects you to… what… just stop being a mom and pick him, I guess!? Like WTF!? That dude is nuts and needs to give his head a shake! What a jack--s!" one reader weighed in.

"People that have a preference but go out of their way to find someone that doesn't fit said preference in the hopes that they'll change will never fail to amaze me," someone else commented.

"So that's why 'my kids will always come first' is so common like... Nobody is expecting you to put your kids up for adoption. Nobody except this guy apparently," another wrote.

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