Yo Gotti and Young Thug went ahead and did what should've been done long ago: They wrote, recorded and released a song that serves as an ode to Rihanna, or their shared perception of Rihanna, anyway.

The mid-tempo track, aptly titled "Rihanna," has lyrics like, "I just got me a Rihanna," and "I'm not tryna knock on Rihanna / I'm tryna take her to mama." Gotti also name-drops a few other pop stars like Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Madonna and Alicia Keys. He raps, "And I want a brand new Bugatti / So I can pull up on Madonna / And I got that Taylor Swift and that Kylie Jenner and that Hannah Montana."

Rihanna's latest single is also referenced on the track: "And I got that Katy Perry and Madonna / Bitch better have my money like Rihanna." You can listen to the song, which is set to be on Yo Gotti's upcoming album The Art of Hustle, in full above.

Speaking of "Bitch Better Have My Money," it would be fair to say that a music video for the song is long overdue. While some of us may have lost hope for a visual over the past few months since the single's initial release date, Rihanna unveiled a one-minute-long trailer for an upcoming "BBHMM" video during last night's BET Awards. We'll soon see the whole thing on July 2. Hopefully this is an indication that Rihanna's eighth studio album is actually on its way, right?

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