Summer is just heating up — and the same goes for our Beach Babe and Hunk of 2015 poll. The Fourth of July has come and gone, which means we're right in the thick of the season: Every single day is precious. Let no beach day opportunity go un-seized, eat every popsicle you can get your hands on, and if you've got a hammock, go swing in it for god's sake!

Just as each summer day counts and we must take full advantage of all the lazy, possibly school or work-free days, every single Beach Hunk vote counts too. Which celebrity hottie reigns in the sand? You make the call.

In Round 1, Justin Bieber's physique faced off against Jake Miller (and all his cuteness). Despite a strong effort from the Millertary, the true Beliebers voted Justin to victory. Zac Efron went up against avowed surfer Cody Simpson and soundly defeated the Australian singer.

In the semi-final round, it might be a slightly tougher call for some of you: It's Justin Bieber vs. Zac Efron. Justin's torso is Calvin Klein-ad-worthy, and we know some fans who (HIGHLY) approve as well. But Zac puts in some serious gym time himself, and he's able to make even a fringed crop top look like an attractive, appropriate wardrobe choice.

So who will it be? They're both extremely strong candidates in the battle for this (extremely superficial, but fun) honor. Just listen to your heart...and your eyeballs, too, after perusing the photo gallery below.

Be sure to vote for your fave in the poll below. This round officially closes on July 21 at 5:00 PM — so get your votes in before it's too late!


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