The trailer for We Are Your Friends is here, and the movie chronicles one man's road to a very 2015 kind of fame: That of the DJ-Producer hyphenate.

Zac Efron plays Cole Carter, an aspiring electronic musician living in Los Angeles. Efron's character and his friends work grueling manual labor gigs in as they try to "make real money" promoting dance parties in their spare time. DJ Cole schools the crowd (and the audience) on the magic of 128 beats per minute, and his sick drops attract the attention of Wes Bentley's character, who tells our hero to "get your head out of that laptop and listen to what the real world is trying to tell you." Words to live by.

We Are Your Friends is directed by Max Joseph (you know, the Catfish guy that isn't Neve) and your reaction to the trailer will largely depend on whether you find the culture it portrays attractive or horrifically douche-y. The project is named after a Justice vs Simian song that was released back in 2006, just a few years before dance music became a part of mainstream culture and was rechristened as "EDM" (the somewhat redundant acronym for "Electronic Dance Music"). Artists like Calvin Harris and Diplo, once the quirkly darlings of Hype Machine-aggregated indie blogs, are now Top 40 radio staples who make headlines for dating stars like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. Despite the drug casualties that have occurred at EDM-centric events like Ultra Music Festival and Electric Zoo, the genre remains popular and lucrative — and this will probably still be the case when Efron's movie hits theaters August 28.

We Are Your Friends co-stars Emily Ratajkowski, best known for Gone Girl and the infamous "Blurred Lines" video. You can watch the trailer above, and listen to the titular Justice vs. Simian song below.

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