As of December 18, Zayn Malik is the very face of sparkly winter joy. He's the sexy, tattooed torso of sparkly winter joy, too.

It's not that we haven't seen Zayn smile over the course of a tumultuous year that saw him leaving One Direction — signing a solo deal with RCA certainly put a grin on his face. But if you're the type to assume one's social feed is a wholly accurate reflection of their life, you'd think Zayn is a sullen shut-in who favors chainsmoking in bed with no shirt on over most activities, constantly switching up his hairstyle at the bathroom sink, occasionally joined by a puppy or a mystery girl. Posts go deleted without explanation. He's mercurial and mysterious, a man of few words.

Zayn definitely has a silly side, though, we just haven't seen it in awhile — until today, when he gifted the world with a claaassic Frozen Dubsmash. Basic? Yeah, a little. Adorable? DEFINITELY.

"Are you kidding me? I am WONDERFUL! I've always wanted a nose," Zayn-as-Olaf-the-snowman exclaims, while wrinkling his own perfect non-carrot nose. With just one 9-second video, Malik reminded the world that he's got layers and we need to see much more of him in 2016. Bring on the #realmusic.