Harry Styles and Zayn Malik of One Direction sat down with Australia's The Herald Sun for a telling and at times hilarious Q+A session, in which no subject was off limits -- including their love lives.Before getting to the juicier topics, the guys were presented with images of a soccer player claiming to look like Malik. The boys debated and deliberated on the resemblance. "He's quite ripped," Malik noted, "so I don't quite look like that with my shirt off." So modest! Styles pointed out some photos where they looked similar, but thought the athlete looked more like "Pauly D from 'Jersey Shore.'"

In case you thought Jillian Harris was the only woman on the planet immune to Styles' charms, you're wrong. He insists the band's hair stylist isn't a huge fan, either! When discussing his famous mop, Styles described how she fixes his hair and he deliberately messes it up afterward, deadpanning, "She hates me."

The guys also revealed that despite not knowing what's going on with the potential lawsuit surrounding their band name, they're keeping it. "We're not changing our name."

Styles was much slower to respond when asked about texting Taylor Swift, who was rumored to have a crush on him. After a long, dramatic pause, Styles said, "We met in America, and she's very nice." Ooh la la! The guys also said that fame hasn't necessarily influenced their dating habits (though it probably expanded their pool pretty nicely). "We're normal guys," Malik said. "If we find a girl attractive ... If you meet a girl, you meet a girl. We're normal," he added. Except when your fans scare those poor girls off!

Malik also put Styles' well-known affinity for older women on blast, which Styles smiled about sheepishly, muttering, "Sometimes."

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