If you've been wondering what former One Direction member Zayn Malik has been up to since quitting one of the most popular groups in the world during the middle of a world tour, brace yourself: It looks like he may have pierced his nose.

Zayn's producer friend, Naughty Boy, posted a photo on Twitter today (April 16) of the two of them along with the caption "got me on that go dumb sh--." The photo is of poor quality -- it is incredibly grainy and dark and would be otherwise pointless were it not for what appears to be a small silver stud sticking out of Zayn's right nostril. (We should add that no photo of Zayn is or will ever be pointless. He may have left our hearts a bloody, mangled mess of tissue and sinew on the floor when he left One Direction, but he is still the personification of perfection, face-wise.)

Zayn has neither confirmed nor denied the addition of a nose ring to his face, which means that we can neither confirm nor deny it. It might just be a weird shadow that looks exactly like a nose stud -- who can really say? Only Zayn. Will he say? We can only hope. Check out the photo below and cast your vote: yay or nay?

In other Zayn-centric news, One Direction have released their first official photo as a foursome and they all look very sad. We may be projecting a little when we say that, but if you look closely at the lack of light from their eyes you will see that we are, in fact, not.

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