One Direction's Zayn Malik and his family are hoping for the best for Zayn's little cousin, Arshiya Malik, who is fighting for her life after a brain tumor operation.

The Daily Mail reports that Arshiya, who is three years old, went in for surgery on Monday. Aarsola Malik, a cousin of Zayn's, took to Instagram to posta photo of Arshiya on Wednesday with the caption: "Please can everyone pray for Arshiya as much as you can as her MRI scan didn't come out good. Doctors are saying theres nothing they can do & have put her on life support machines now. Please keep her in your duas always & the rest is up to Allah."

Aarsola later tweeted on Friday an update which seemed to indicate that little Arshiya's condition had improved. "Good news about Arshiya today! Doctors are sayin she seems to be tryin to breathe on her own & some stem cells are still active mashallah!"

Zayn's sister, Doniya Malik, also tweeted on Friday: "Thank you every1 hu did dua for arshiya things are looking good, but still need ur duas she had 1% chance! Jus shows there is a god.."

She later added, "All we ask is for you to keep her in your duas & inshallah Allah will accept them. Thank you <3 x"

('Dua' is the Islamic term for supplication, or asking God for something, whether it be forgiveness, food, health, etc.)

Meanwhile, Zayn is touring with his fellow 1D bandmates in the U.S. where they are continuing on the Where We Are Tour.