Zayn Malik has so much free time on his hands these days.

According to a tweet he posted this morning (June 10), Zayn decided to change his hair color from lime-green to white. He posted a photo that does a terrible job of proving that his hair is actually white, because he put a green-tinted filter over it which defeats the purpose entirely. A few minutes later he wrote, "Had it purple yesterday ha trying em all out ha." It's not that funny, Zayn.

There are certain behaviors indicative of someone currently going through a crisis. Maybe they're drinking copious amounts of alcohol, and you should interject. Perhaps they're consuming stale Doritos by the barrel. The most common manifestation of subconscious crisis-mode, however, seems to be the act of switching up your Look, because it's a surface-level act that requires no deep thought -- you don't have to examine the choices that brought you to this specific moment in time, where you're shaving your ex's initials into your hair. You do it and it's done. Zayn has yet to cut '1D 4ever' into his hair, but it may only be a matter of time.

This too shall pass, Zayn. One day you'll reunite with the rest of One Direction for a reunion boat-cruise tour and all will be right with the world again. For now, thank your parents everyday for blessing you with this particular set of genes that allow you to switch up your look so often and still look so good.

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