The ball has dropped. The confetti has been swept away from the streets. Our hangovers are finally starting to dissipate. (Well, sort of.) And now, it's time once again to hit the reset button on pop radio and start getting excited for everything to come in the New Year.

There are plenty of exciting acts scheduled to arrive in 2016 — we've been tracking the ones to expect since late last year — but we want to know which records our readers are most eager to add to their collection.

Does the promise of Katy Perry's Prism follow-up have you shaking with anticipation? Or maybe CL's oft-delayed English language solo debut? How about Kanye West's eternally teased Swish? Or a little mythical Rihanna album called...ANTI? (Just kidding — that one's never coming out.)

It's time for you to let your voice be heard. Place your vote below! This poll ends on January 15 at 5 PM ET.

16 Most Anticipated Albums of 2016