Yesterday afternoon, TMZ reported that there was bad blood brewing between Demi Lovato and Adam Lambert, claiming that Demi had "unceremoniously dumped" Lambert from her upcoming world tour, replacing him with her BFF and former Disney Channel co-star Nick Jonas. Cue the drama.

According to TMZ sources, Demi had allegedly locked Adam in as the opening act for her tour, and the two stars' teams were just working to hash out final details when, in a sudden stone cold move, Demi dropped him from the lineup and signed Nick (who is apparently represented by the same management as Demi) on to open for her tour instead.

Reports also alleged that Adam was fit to be tied over the seeming snub, and that a "Confident"-style showdown was likely imminent between the two pop stars. Luckily, social media allows artists to speak directly to the public without the filter of tabloid and media meaning-mangling, and both Adam and Demi took to Twitter to set the rumors to rest:

"Aw, I love you all very much. No beef [between] Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas and me," the former American Idol star posted, adding, "Biz negotiations are complex... why do we care about the rumors?"

Clearly appreciative of Adam's take-charge, rumor-slaying tweet, Demi responded, "Just goes to show how accurate TMZ really is... I love you Adam Lambert!" (Insert multiple kissy emojis here.)

While it does seem, based on Adam's tweet about "biz negotiations," that the "Another Lonely Night" singer was perhaps originally intended to join Demi on tour, things likely just didn't pan out the right way, as these things sometimes go in show business.

In any event, Demi, Nick, and Adam fans can rest easy tonight knowing that all is right with their faves.

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