Rising pop singer Alexx Mack has been writing songs since she was seven — she's honed her skills over the years, and now she's definitely all grown up. Today we're excited to premiere the video for her lead single, "Bad." The track has been earning Alexx worthy comparisons to Katy Perry and one of the singer's greatest inspirations, Madonna. It's a breezy electro-pop ode that suggests being "good" is overrated.

"The song is about spontaneity, living in the moment and feeling comfortable enough with yourself to act on your intuition," Alexx told PopCrush. "Being 'bad' means more than going against the rules. To me it means being free from restrictions and taboos – a sense of independence and emotional expression."

Alexx also gave us some insight into the concept for the funny (and sexy) video, and explained how it ties in with the track. "I wanted to play into that idea with a visual that was creative, flirty, fun and a bit comical. When you watch, you’ll notice we begin the story at the end, and rewind through the course of the day until we get to the first interaction between the male lead and I. We wanted to tap into the idea of leaving taboos behind by making our male lead a certain door-to-door messenger who comes to spread the good word and ends up getting a bit, well, bad with me!"

Watch the premiere of the "Bad" video below:

Be sure to stay tuned to the end of the clip, where this lust story told in reverse finally reveals exactly why the straight-and-narrow hunk showed up at her door in the first place. Let's just say he can really rock a white short-sleeved button down, and he didn't forget his trusty bike helmet.

Mack's debut EP, Like We're Famous, is slated for an October 9 release, and you can expect a mix of pop, indie and dance music that's uniquely Alexx!