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When Sarah Jessica Parker names her latest shoe collection after you, you wear those sandals proudly. Yesterday (March 4), Andy Cohen shared the sexy nude sandals on his Instagram from the set of his show Watch What Happens Live.

"It fits like a glove. I feel like a man AND and woman," he wrote in his caption.

According to People, the "Andy" shoe runs $345 at Zappos.

Obviously, this shoe is way out of my price range. $345? No, thanks, but I'm not a shoe girl. Some of my friends wouldn't think twice about dropping $350 on a pair of shoes. For that kind of money, I'd buy two pair of my favorite designer jeans or 122 of my favorite t-shirts from Target or an entire wardrobe for my kids.

Congrats to Sarah Jessica Parker. She just celebrated her SJP collection's first anniversary!