We're truly living in a ren-ARI-ssance.

Ariana Grande's released her latest Dangerous Woman single, "Be Alright," today (March 18), six days after it made its debut on Saturday Night Live. It's an infectious positivity jam that's deeply influenced by vintage deep house, in case you couldn't tell from the vogue-lite dance moves in her SNL performance and the fact that the outfit she wore was stolen from an early-'90s pop queen's closet (Robin S is like, "cool dress pants!" and Cathy Dennis is all "I like the elegant choker!" while Des'Ree is wondering, "Is that my bodysuit?").

Snippets of the short-and-sweet track have been floating around for almost a year, ever since Ariana first shared a clip on Snapchat when she wrapped on recording it. Fans have been crying for it ever since, especially after her much-hyped "Focus" single proved to be something of a less than inspired "Problem" retread. Thankfully it was worth the wait, as "Be Alright" builds on the "We're not on Honeymoon Avenue anymore!" feeling one gets from the album's all-grown-up title single released last Friday.


Listen to "Be Alright" above, and grab it on iTunes — where it quickly rose to the Top 5 upon its release — here. Dangerous Woman is set to release on May 20.

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