Arianators around the world collectively gasped this weekend after it appeared that Ariana Grande's dad left one epic comment on Big Sean's Instagram. But, as it turns out, he did not. Sad face.

Here's how it went down: Last week, Big Sean Instagrammed a selfie while wearing a Detroit baseball cap, captioning the photo with one of his own lyrics: "I give her that D… #Detroit." All was cool until it seemed as if Ariana's dad — Edward Butera — commented on the pic, replying, "That D. better be Detroit, Sean." As you can imagine, all hell broke loose as the internet cracked up. Awkward!

But, according to E! News, Ariana Grande's publicist says that the dad Insta is a fake. And to top it all off, her real dad — in what may or may not be his actual Twitter handle — also denied ever making the comment:

Well, it was hilarious while it lasted, even if the charade was only around for a weekend. Ariana's fake dad is pretty much representative of all dads.

And speaking of celeb impersonators, did you know that Ariana Grande can do a mean Celine Dion? We're talking an insanely dead-on impression and one that is hilariously more accurate than any faux Papa Grande. Check it out, and watch even more seriously impressive celeb impressions, here.

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