Ariana Grande's been teasing Moonlight as her next album's name, but the singer says she might take things in a different direction.

On last night's (January 14) Jimmy Kimmel Live!Grande said a new song she's recorded toward the end of her new album's production has given her second thoughts about the project's title.

"A really long time ago, I was convinced that it was gonna be called Moonlight because it's one of my favorite songs that we did for the album," she explains in the clip above. "Now there's this other song that's sort of thrown me for a whirlwind and I love it so much and it's just sort of changed everything."

Grande says she's not quite ready to share the name — just in case fans aren't into it — but hopes they'll love it. And speaking of fans, she's now got meet-and-greets down to a science, and tells Kimmel she can predict how they'll react once they encounter her face-to-face.

"There are three things that happen: They either come in very confidently and they know what they want...or they come in crying and can't say much, or they're the ones that are really, really quiet and their parents are kind of forcing them to be there," she shares.

Make no mistake, though: Ari, herself, isn't immune to fan-girl syndrome, and said the "incredible" and "genius" Imogen Heap is her all-time favorite artist. She explains she had to pinch herself when the "Hide and Seek" singer invited her over to dinner at her United Kingdom home, though when the drive over seemed like it was taking an eternity, she felt convinced she was being catfished.

"I was like, 'She doesn't want to have dinner with me, this is all a joke, I'm driving to my death right now, I'm about to be murdered,'" she recalls.

Check out the full interview above, and tell us where you stand on Moonlight as a potential name for Ari's upcoming album.

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