Wait, a squeaky clean Nickelodeon star and Weezy F. Baby?! If Ariana Grande her 'The Way' she wants to, it would totally happen.

In an interview with MTV News about her 'Victorious' spinoff 'Sam & Cat' with co-star Jennette McCurdy, Grande was asked who she'd like to have written into a storyline on the babysitting themed show. Her immediate response?

"Lil Wayne!" However, even she sees how unlikely that would be to work out -- this is a kids' show, after all. "In what world would he do it? In what world would there be a storyline that would fit having Lil Wayne on the show?" she pondered.

Hey, a girl can dream, right? Plus it's not like Grande isn't familiar with hip-hop -- her hit 'The Way' features Mac Miller, so maybe Weezy can get on a remix of the song if he can't get on the series.