She may not be (reportedly) banned from an entire nation like fellow American pop star Lady Gaga, but it doesn't seem like Ariana Grande will be welcome to perform at the White House any time soon.

According to Billboard, on July 22, WikiLeaks published thousands of email transcripts hacked from accounts within the Democratic National Committee, including one surprising correspondence regarding a rejected potential Ariana Grande performance for a presidential event.

Following the pop star's July 2015 donut-licking scandal, for which she had since repeatedly apologized and did not face charges for, the leaked emails show that the Dangerous Woman singer was in heavy consideration for a gig to perform at a White House gala. Unfortunately, due to Grande's aforementioned behavior, as well as accompanying video footage of her exclaiming, "I hate America," the proposed performance was quickly squashed by a higher-up.

The emails revealed that despite having no criminal charges on her record, after the "Into You" singer was vetted by DNC officials for an otherwise fairly innocuous background check, a White House representative by the name of Robert "Bobby" Schmuck turned down the proposal with a brisk, "Nope, sorry."

Talk about "Bad Decisions," huh?

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