The potential artwork for her upcoming debut album that Ariana Grande shared with fans yesterday was pretty sexy, but the actual official 'Yours Truly' cover truly manages to be even sexier!

Twitter, after a day spent teasing fans with alternate artwork:

The official cover, which she really did post half an hour later, features Ariana in a kittenish pose. She's shown from mid-section up, with eyes closed, head titled back and outstretched arms that appear to make a heart symbol with her bare shoulders. The singer seems to still be rocking the pale pink lingerie seen in the alternate color shots -- she does, after all, have a thing for pink. Overall, the cover's got a very grown-up vibe, but the diva-in-training did just turn 20 this summer.

Ariana's headlining tour, called ‘The Listening Sessions,' starts Aug. 13 in Silver Spring, Md., and runs through the end of the month. Check out all her solo dates here.