Animal testing. Fair labor standards. Transparent ingredient labeling on consumer products. Every day, hundreds of petitions and campaigns are launched by everyday citizens trying to make a positive social and cultural impact on the world. Elliot Karsten, who has started one such petition in support of Ariana Grande, is now leading the charge for global (pop) justice.

Launched on, Virginia-based Karsten's campaign passionately claims that Rolling Stone's May 20 review of Grande's new album, Dangerous Woman, is an "unprofessional" assessment of the pop star's latest offering, one which he eloquently posits should be discredited by Metacritic, the standard aggregator in entertainment media rating analysis.

As Karsten argues in the appeal, "Upon release, the album received nearly universal critical acclaim, with reviews praising her vocals, production, and overall quality of the record. Reviews from certified critics ranged from around 70 to 90 on a scale of 100. That is, except for Rolling Stone, who gave the album 3 stars out of 5, equating to a 60/100. In most other circumstance, a review of a lower caliber would have been acceptable if it was from a harsh critic who analyzed legitimate flaws. But this was not."

Basically, he says that the album review, penned by Christopher R. Weingarten, has unjustly knocked Grande's otherwise excellent rating for Dangerous Woman down a few notches... and he is pressed about it.

In his petition, Karsten slams the RS critic's assessment, calling Weingarten "unqualified to review this pop album, as a vast majority of his previous review [sic] have been of rap albums...the review itself remains extremely unprofessional and in no way backs up its low score." And the relentless Arianator (he must be a superfan of the pop star, after all) does have a point, effectively laying out a number of legitimate (or, at least, semi-convincing) instances in which the review is admittedly a little weak or poorly-founded: In his defense, the critique really doesn't touch much, if at all, upon Ari's vocal prowess, which is a crying shame.

While #justiceforAriana is a noble and worthy mission, we doubt the "Dangerous Woman" is losing any sleep over Rolling Stone's review... or her Metacritic rating, for that matter. After all, Grande's album is currently sitting pretty at No. 2 on iTunes Top Albums.

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