Woody Harrelson has a mini look-alike!

On August 3, Dani Mulvenna posted a photo of her baby daughter Cora side-by-side with The Hunger Games actor Woody Harrelson.

"Ok but how does our daughter look like Woody Harrelson," the mom questioned on Twitter. The tweet went wildly viral, with over 27,000 retweets.

"I don't know Dani, why does she?" one user replied jokingly.

"Why you asking us ma'am? We should be asking YOU," another wrote.

Another parent chimed in with their own Woody Harrelson look-alike kid. "Luckily it's just a phase," the Twitter user joked.

"Cora says, thank you all so much for the likes and retweets and also that she doesn't always look like Woody Harrelson, it's just that when she does...she really really does," Dani shared in a follow-up tweet in reply to her original post.

As it turns out, even the actor himself was amused by the sweet baby.

He posted a screenshot of the viral tweet to his Instagram and wrote a poem for her in the caption:

"Ode to Cora-
You're an adorable child
Flattered to be compared
You have a wonderful smile
I just wish I had your hair."

See his full post below:

Dani commented on the post, sharing the actor made the family's day and that she "can't wait to show [Cora] this when she's older, you have another fan for life."

Back on Twitter, Dani also marveled that "it's not every day Woody Harrelson writes your daughter a poem."

Dani also poked fun at the coverage and attention the cute interaction garnered.

"This is my [favorite] headline so far, like I was just there in hospital with a little Woody Harrelson in a blanket screaming WHHHHHHYYYYYY," she tweeted, in reference to a Newshub story titled, "Woman shocked after giving birth to baby that looks just like Woody Harrelson."

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