A woman decided to quit on the spot after a mom reprimanded her for wearing "athletic wear" while babysitting her two children.

The mom deemed her outfit "inappropriate" to wear around her husband and children, which prompted the babysitter to walk out.

The mom took to Reddit explaining she was hiring potential babysitters for her kid and thought she found the right one. However, when the conversation turned to her dress code, everything changed.

"I am currently searching for a nanny for my children. My son is five and my daughter is 11," the woman wrote in a since-deleted Reddit, according to the Mirror. "We found one young lady yesterday that seemed like a great fit. We interviewed her in our home and explained everything to her. She seemed happy with everything and was kind to us — no issues there."

"The problem came when I spoke to her about the dress code I expected. I noticed she had on leggings with a sweater today which I guess was okay since she wasn't working, but I would've expected a little more for an interview," she continued. "However, I told her I expect that she will not be wearing athletic wear while she tends to the children (no leggings, yoga pants, sweats, etc)."

The woman noted that the babysitter "laughed" at her comment, and asked her" "What do you want me to wear?"

"I told her that type of clothing is inappropriate since she's not working out, she's working. She seemed put off and said that's what she normally wears, and if she's going to be active with the kids she needs to be dressed comfortably," she stated. "I told her what the expectations were and she said she understands and left. Later on, she told me she doesn't think this will work out. Was I wrong for setting expectations? I don't think it’s okay to walk around in tight clothing with my son and husband present, plus she should be dressed like she's working — she's a professional, and a teacher would not dress that way."

The woman added that her husband told her she was "overreacting" regarding the babysitter's clothing choice.

Users commented on the post, rallying behind the babysitter, suggesting the mom was being "unrealistic" expecting the girl to wear business attire when taking care of children.

"I don't see you paying for a wardrobe of acceptable nanny clothing," one person wrote, while another commented: "I get where you're coming from, but they're kids she's going to be chasing around. She'll probably be getting her clothes messy sometimes and it'd suck to get her nicer clothes stained. Jumpers and yoga/ sweatpants I thought were common wear for working with children, I was never spoken to about it."

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