If there's ever an animated feature for which they need one actor to provide the voices for characters that are supposed to represent Alan Rickman, Sean Connery, Jack Nicholson, Tom Hiddleston and many, many more, Benedict Cumberbatch would be the clear choice.

Sitting down for an interview with MTV, Benedict gets asked to play the Impersonation Game, where he's given the name of a different Hollywood actor to see how many he can imitate within 60 seconds. We have to say, we are totally impressed by his ability to really take on each actor's voice. Seriously -- try closing your eyes and listening to the video. Honestly it's uncanny. He sounds exactly like the actors he's portraying.

That is, until he gets to Taylor Swift. We definitely don't blame him for not quite being able to deliver on that one, but we give him props for the attempt. Another highlight of the video? His worldess impression of Matthew McConaughey. It's hilariously spot on.

Check out the video above and let us know which impersonation is your favorite!

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