As of November 15, there are 65 days until President Barack Obama leaves office and Donald Trump takes his place. While Trump's electoral college victory left his supporters excited for the changes they hope he'll bring, the majority of popular voters (not to mention the Obama-adoring Americans who may not have voted at all) are eyeing the January 20 Inauguration Day with varying degrees of trepidation. They're also savoring the remaining two months of Obama's presidency, and wringing as much pleasure from he and Vice President Joe Biden's public, intermittently-viral friendship as possible. Right now, Joe Biden memes are the wind beneath some worried U.S. residents' wings.

From Biden's known love of ice cream cones — painstakingly catalogued on Tumblr account Joe Biden Eats Ice Cream — to Barry's mythical tolerance for Joe's (mostly made up) rapscallion antics and shady Trump revenge plans, check out some of the best Joe Biden memes below. They won't change the world and they can't magically extend the duo's tenure in office, but they are providing some much-needed levity during one of our country's most intensely polarizing periods in history. For that, and so much more, we thank Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

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