If you're on the hunt for that bright, sizzling R&B sound, let Brave Williams' 'Oooh Luv Ya' into your life. The smooth, upbeat vibe of the tune is only further enhanced by its summery, bold music video. Check out the exclusive premiere of the video above!

We can't get enough of Williams' Jennifer Lopez-esque sound, and we're all about the almost '90s feel of the video, which features the singer belting out the summery track against a vivid, urban backdrop, flaunting her curves in a ruffled bikini top and high-waisted shorts.

"My vision for the video was to capture a vibrant, colorful, effortless and fun tone, that would leave the viewer with an honest sense of my personality," Williams tells PopCrush. "I'm a girl in every sense of the word: colorful, bouncy, sassy and moody."

Williams definitely brings out the sassiness in the vid, especially as she describes herself as rocking a "Coke bottle body but an ice-cold attitude." Love it!

It's that attitude that music video director Lil Chris Robinson (son of famed director Chris Robinson) loves about Williams and wanted to convey visually.

"Brave is definitely a force to be reckoned with," he explained. "… She gets it, plain and simple, and that made my job that much easier. We're from the same place so seeing her win with this record made me feel obligated to go all out and get the world to receive it the right way."

Check out Brave Williams' 'Oooh Luv Ya' music video above!